ZeezeeTwentytwo - Artist

Hi, and welcome to my site.

I have created this site as a portal to the rest of my online persona. Look around and you will find links and references to different aspects of my creative personality.

This website is currently under construction, tho' before you switch you switch off, make a note that I'll be adding as much rewarding content as my server will allow, plus anything else I can think of besides!

For further information and contact, please see the links to 'My Network' to your left, above. This website has several pages, none of which are useful: Home, About, Privacy, Gallery, Contact (contact form – doesn’t work), Sitemap.

Fresh News:

  • 1The Ratpack Playing Card Project
    Zeezee is currently co-ordinating the 'Ratpack Playing Card project, an international artist collaborative to produce a functional deck of playing cards. Artists are still needed!
  • 2Shambala
    Following the successes of 'Secret Garden Party' and 'Big Chill', Zz will be appearing at Shambala Festival with the legendary CIRCUS KINETICA
  • 5Temporary tattoos?
    For the love of people and summer, Zeezee is now experimenting with body painting and stencil tattoos!